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New members are welcome at any time of the year.

Once you have decided to join us the process is simple:

Choose which class/es you wish to attend 

Let us know, by emailing

Join British fencing

It is a requirement of our insurers that all new people starting fencing must take out an initial 90 day free membership to British Fencing.  After which, if you decide to continue fencing you will need to upgrade to a ‘starter’, ‘recreational’ or ‘complete’ membership.  More information on this can be found in the document ‘Introduction Membership Category FAQs’.

Please click here to activate the 90 day free membership and please add your membership number to the consent form.

Complete a consent form and bring it with you to your first training night.


Set up a standing order (please see the section costs/fees for details)  

Read our Safeguarding in Sport leaflet and if you are competing the joining process on behalf of an under 18 please ensure they receive a copy of the safeguarding leaflet. 

Read our policies ) in particular the coach fencer agreement  and the code of conduct