We often get questions about when and where to buy fencing kit.  Here is an overview to help you make your decisions.

This is a starter kit. It gives you an idea of price if you were to get everything in the one go.  This is not necessary and you may be better to wait and upgrade on certain items.

This kit comes from Leon Paul. Other companies you can look at are Allstar, Blades Brand and PBT


Please be aware that blades need maintenance and they do break after a certain amount of use. We have an armourer who charges a small amount for repairs, or you can learn to do it yourself.

Junior Right Handed Foil Kit


Price: £144.71 (£173.65 Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Please note that our junior starter kits are only suitable for children under 5 feet 2 inches tall.

This Kit includes as Standard

Club mask with 350N bib -
Spartan 350N jacket   - PROBABLY BETTER TO UPGRADE TO 800
Standard 350N plastron
Intermediate glove with Velcro Cuff
Non-electric Foil with pistol or French Grip
Allkit bag.

Upgrades available, including breeches, socks and an option to make this kit electric



Also worth considering is postage. The suppliers of Leon Paul in Scotland have a training session on a Saturday at Linlithgow and there is normally someone from the club going who can pick things up. Allstar / Blades brand charge a standard amount for delivery so it is better if you can double up with someone. Returning kit to allstar, especially blades, is tricky but not impossible.