Fees for 2018/19

Dunblane Fencing Club fees are payable over 10 months of the year, September 2018 to June 2019.  We request that parents set up a standing order payable on the first of each month. 

Fencing will be on for the entire academic year, with the exception of school holidays and where there are events at Dunblane High School which prevent access to the hall.  The finances have been worked out to allow for 36 weeks of training thereby allowing up to three weeks’ worth of cancellations over the academic year.  First week back will be week commencing 20nd August, starting on Monday 20th August 2018.

The monthly costs for all fencers are:

One night per week               £24
Two nights per week              £40
Three nights per week           £50

Should your fencer wish to change the number of nights per week, this needs to be arranged with Charity for managing class structures.   Should your fencer wish to leave the Club fees are payable up to the month of departure.   For fencers who are not committing to particular days, drop-in fees are £7 per session, and these can be paid in cash or cheque on the night.

The first payment is due on the 1st September and on the 1st of each subsequent month up to and including June 2019.  Our bank details are Dunblane Fencing Club, sort code: 83-18-09 account number:  00689642.  Please reference any bank transfers with the fencer’s name to allow fees to be properly tracked.

Cost should not be a barrier to involvement in fencing.  Please let Senga McKerr, treasurer or Head coach, Charity McArdle know if you need support in this area.


British Fencing Membership

It is a requirement of our insurers that all new people starting fencing must take out an initial 90 day free membership to British Fencing.  After which, if you decide to continue fencing you will need to upgrade to a ‘starter’, ‘recreational’ or ‘complete’ membership.  More information on this can be found in the attached document ‘Introduction Membership Category FAQs’. 

Please click here to activate the 90 day free membership and please add your membership number to the parental consent form.


Policy on Use of Club Kit, and Charges for Hire

The Club spends a significant amount of money each year on buying new items, and replacing broken or lost kit and the cost of this is increasing. 

The Club will continue to provide kit as necessary to fencers during their first year of training.  Thereafter we would expect all fencers to own their own kit – breeches, long socks, underplastron, jacket, lame, glove, weapons, body wires and mask.  We appreciate that this is an expense for parents, however, birthdays and Christmas are great times to build up a young fencer’s kit.  Also, should you have kit to sell we will happily advertise this fact to the Club parents, as second hand kit is a good way of keeping the costs down.

Instead of purchasing kit, if you would prefer to hire kit for your fencer from the Club the annual cost of this is as follows:

Jacket, Mask or Breeches                   £10 per item
Glove or Underplastron                     £5 per item

Hired kit will be the responsibility of the fencer and will be retained by the fencer during the year.  All items should be washed and returned prior to the end of June 2019.  Please speak to Rob if you would like to hire kit.

Where fencers need to borrow kit for competitions, including weapons & body wires, there is a procedure for managing this process.  Kit can only be taken from the Club between 7.45 and 8pm on a Wednesday evening, and must be returned to Club by 6pm on a Monday evening.  Any kit borrowed must be signed out and signed back in again.  There is no charge for borrowing kit for competitions.  Please note that kit may not be borrowed for use at other Clubs and that, if borrowed for National Training Academies, broken or damaged weapons must be replaced.


Policy on Coach Support at Competitions

Our coaches are keen to try to support fencers at competitions.  At present, this is done on a voluntary basis and coaches give a great deal of their time to this aspect of the Club.  Coaches will continue to support where possible but may not be present at every competition.  Where coach expenses are considerable, the Club will ask for a parental contribution towards these costs.  We are currently planning for a coach to be at 2 National competitions, although others will also be considered. These are:

  • British Youth Championships, Sheffield (by qualification)
  • British National Junior and Cadet Championships


Please talk to your coach if you wish to have support at a British Ranking event.  Parents may wish to get together for competitions to ensure that a coach is present.


Policy on Lessons at Dunblane Fencing Club

Individual lessons with a coach are the key to more rapid progress within fencing.  Unlike most clubs, we currently do not charge for lessons.  Competing fencers may have one free individual lesson per week and non-competing fencers may have one per fortnight (subject to coach availability). Fencers receiving lessons will be expected to represent Dunblane Fencing Club when competing. Further individual lessons may be arranged with your child’s coach.