Coach/ Fencer Agreement

We offer free lessons at Dunblane as far as we are able.

By taking individual lessons we expect you to

  • Listen to you coach
  • Work hard
  • Work on what your coach has set you during the week


In return your coach will:

  • Listen to you and watch you fence
  • Work hard to help you develop
  • Continue his/her own professional development


If you wish to have lessons from one of our lead coaches (Rob or Charity) we expect you to do all of the above plus:

  • Train at Dunblane twice a week or more and attend additional training by arrangement
  • Use your time at the club effectively
  • Support the development of others.
  • Talk to your coach about wider aspects of your game – competition preparation, S&C, post-competition de-brief etc.Compete for Dunblane Fencing Club and wear your club hoodie at competitions.


In response we will do all of the above and:

  • Work hard to give you lessons relating to your development
  • Watch you compete and help you to improve
  • Help you to plan and stay motivated.
  • Communicate with you, your parents and any other adults involved in your performance, concerning your development.